The evening kicked off for me when Meep and I hopped on bus downtown to meet B. for dinner. At a loss for where to go, and worried that we wouldn’t be able to get a table later, we opted for a dinner of nachos and veggie dog at Shorty’s. It was stiflingly hot inside but we were in it for the long haul and knew how sought-after our table would become, so we stayed put. For my first drink, I enjoyed the red boozie smoothie. Meep and I followed that with a round of Kamikazes for hearkening purposes. Throughout the night, I didn’t drink the same drink twice, yet somehow, I managed to avoid dire consequences the next day. Highlights of the evening include:

-B. kicking ass in a mini Medieval Madness tournament.
-Me playing some mediocre but fun Lord of the Rings with Elyse and Wade.
-A.B. demanding a piggy back ride from Sherwood
-Sherwood declining to accommodate A.B. for the ride, but accepting a ride from A.B.
-A.B. demonstrating his “fool proof moves” that he uses on the ladies

After breakfast and TV, I met Meep for a trip to Value Village so that we could buy our costumes for Emolee’s Johnny Depp-themed birthday party that night. I had already bought a costume a few weeks prior, but when I tried it on that morning, I realized that I was going to die of heat stroke if I wore it, so I decided to get something with a slightly more breathable fabric. Meep was in search of a bathrobe so that she could accurately portray Mort Rainey. I needed a pink sweater and pencil skirt for Ed Wood (the only Johnny Depp costume that would allow me to still wear a skirt). Meep and I lunched at the Elysian and then returned to my house to watch Dave Chapelle’s Block Party.

At 8:15, B. picked us up, looking pretty awesome in his Officer Tom Hansen outfit and we were on our way. It can’t imagine what people must have thought of us as a guy in a denim vest, a girl in a bathrobe and another girl in a cheesy wig with a mustache drove to Kenmore in a red Mustang convertible.

We arrived at Emolee’s bar of choice, the Cozy Inn, a small roadside bar off Bothell Way. I haven’t the slightest idea how she even found the place, but walking in, past the crusty bar flies, we began to wonder if we’d been duped. Would anyone be dressed up? Were we about to get our asses kicked? Well, some other people WERE dressed up, but certainly not to the extent that we were. BenDur was in some pirate (but not Captain Jack) garb. Emolee was dressed as a whore from From Hell, hardly a Johnny Depp role. (Hey, I wanted to look pretty too, but I made it work within the theme!)

On my way to the bathroom, a particularly crusty man mumbled something at me that didn’t sound like a compliment. Was a gay bashing in my future? Luckily, I peed without incident and B. and I drank some no frills PBR.

Alas, we had another party to go to, so B. and I took our leave. Meep remained behind.

I had a change of clothes for the second party, but B. and I decided to leave our costumes on for a good story. At the party, it took people a little while to figure out who we were supposed to be (“Tango and Cash?” “Cash and Cash?” “Tootsie?”), but eventually, and with hints, people got it.

For some reason, “Snow Day” came up in conversation, and eventually, it was decided that we should all watch it. A screening was organized and the film was well-received (with the aide of illicit substances, I’m sure). After that, our host set up the DDR. I don’t know what it is about the X-Box DDR, but I always have a much harder time with it. Maybe it’s the system or perhaps it’s the pads, but I rarely score above a D and I certainly never get the As and AAs that I get on my PS2. I’m sure that the illicit substances don’t help either.

After the DDR, it was hot tub time. I began to feel a little weird and recounted everything I’d consumed that day: A reasonably healthy breakfast omelet, a few bites of a far-too-spicy veggie BBQ sandwich, a salad, chai, soda, some organic cheesy poofs, a glass of wine, two PBRs, a Miller Lite, some smoke, two bites of some KFC mac and cheese, and a lump of mashed potatoes. Compounded with the heat of the tub, it’s actually amazing that I was only feeling slightly woogy. That kind of blatant disregard for my stomach is a rare occurrence and I was remembering why. Frankly, I was lucky that I wasn’t recounting my day’s diet in reverse.

Once I got home and had some water, I began to feel better. I’ve been very fortunate with the drinking this summer, experiencing almost no hangovers. I’m not sure what I’m doing differently (if anything), but I am very grateful to my body. I really should be nicer to her.

In an attempt to reverse some of the debaucherous effects, B. and I began our day with yoga. I know I’ve been lazy about THAT this summer. I’d like to think that I’m more active in other ways in the warm weather, but there’s nothing like the full-body treatment of a good yoga class.

After lunch, B. took off to tend to his car, and I played some awesome new recahd-making DDR by myself. I contemplated doing some housework, but opted against it in favor of time-wasting and laziness.

Then it was time to collect Meep and celebrate her birthday with Mexican food. Those who were in on her big birthday surprise (minus one, Mark T. K. who couldn’t be there for obvious reasons) met at Torreros. We managed to keep her in the dark about the surprise until the last minute. After the grumpy waitress and her staff gave Meep a complimentary birthday shot called “Dog Shit” and we sang happy birthday to her whilst she donned a sombrero, it was present time! The pictures of Meep’s face when she realized that we pitched in to buy her dream camera are priceless. I shall post them this week (along with picture from the Johnny Depp party, et al). Happy Birthday, Meep!

Sadly, I had to take my leave early so that I could say goodbye to a friend who is moving to Alaska. I met him at an art gallery to watch a noise rock band. Their set was mercifully short, for which I was eternally grateful on account of the stifling heat and the fact that I am SO not into noise rock.

After the gig, we had a little PBR picnic on the sidewalk and talked, as we always do, of movies and the means for making them. And then I walked home, passed my elderly and/or vagrant neighbors and was asleep in no time.