everything kool

I’m feeling lazy. My WEEKEND RECAP reflects this.


Why do I keep going back to Kozak’s when it’s exponentially worse every time? It’s like they’re DARING me to keep coming back. Now the menu is different and a lot less vegetarian friendly. Just TRY to get a waitress to come back to your table more than once.


The Lavender Festival is really just an excuse to get people to drive to Sequim and buy your crappy arts and crafts projects. Regardless, parents love festivals loosely based on seasonal flowers. Brugos’ parents were no exception.

Funniest thing I saw this weekend: The kid who gave in to a sudden impulse to make arm pit farts in the middle of a crowd.

Second funniest thing I saw this weekend: The woman who undoubtedly owns hundreds of cats who made her living selling hilarious and borderline disturbing watercolors of cats and other animals. One painting depicted a fluffy cat with ass facing forward and the caption “See anything you like, or should I walk by again?” Another painting was just of a cat head surrounded by flower pedals. How do you choose between the painting of the hippo with the bedroom eyes or the baby beluga whale whose lips are pursed and ready to give you the blow job of your life?

It takes a long time to get to Sequim and back.


DDR is my bitch.

The only thing sexier than Rufus Sewell (the English James Spader in terms of hot creepiness), is Rufus Sewell with an Irish accent. This is the only reason I watched most of She Creature.

Pirates would have been fun if it hadn’t sunk under the weight of its own grandiosity. This also would have made it at least an hour shorter and my ass and back would have been the better for it. Kiera Knightly confuses comedic acting with childish flailing. I would like to punch her in her pouty little mouth. That said, the Kraken was pretty cool.

Also cool (much to my surprise) was the Transformers teaser trailer featuring the silhouette of who could only be a live-action Megatron. I am now (perhaps misguidedly) excited for this movie. Only a year away!

EDIT I just looked at the IMDB page for this movie. Dane Cook is in a lead role. I retract my former statement about being excited.

What isn’t cool is getting stranded in Columbia City. EVERYONE left me to go back to the Hill because I was going to the U-District and a bus would be along ANY MINUTE. 30 minutes later, there was still no bus. Several people had come and gone and quite a few ambulances and fire trucks had driven past. It was then that a kindly man with only one or two teeth informed me that the buses weren’t coming because the ones that weren’t involved in the 3-bus accident were stuck behind it. Had I been anywhere close to home or even in a neighborhood I was familiar with, I could have walked to a different bus stop or just walked to my destination. This was not, however, the case. Instead I sucked it up and called a cab. The dispatcher informed me that it would be a 20-minute wait. I stood on the street corner cursing my ill luck as trucks full of scary looking men drove by and honked at me. I was grateful that it was summer and therefore wouldn’t be dark any time soon. Eventually, the cab arrived and whisked me to my destination. Had I not been by myself, it would have been an interesting little adventure.

BBQ and lawn sports quickly helped me put the debacle behind me.

Last night I dreamt of rotten meat and insects.