finally, a really fun meme

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1. Cowboy or Indian?
I always ended up playing the indian when we played this game as kids. I'm sure that speaks volumes about my character.

2. Which Superhero did you want to be?
Either a transformer (NOT R.C.) or Selena Kyle.

3. Favorite afterschool cartoon?
Well, in elementary school, I was all about the Transformers/G.I. Joe double feature. But in middle-high school I definitely enjoyed the duck-themed series. And I also watched a lot of Mama's Family. It was on right at 5 every day.

4. Favorite Saturday morning cartoon?
I watched so many, it's hard to pick a favorite. But, and I know this is totally taboo in the comic world, but I really liked the X-Men cartoon.

5. Neighborhood bully or sidekick?
Which did I prefer, or which was I? If the former, I preferred the sidekick, for obvious reasons. I was once chased home from school by a bully with a knife who threatened to “rape” me (inasmuch as middle school boys know what that word means). But if the latter, I was neither. I was kind of a loner until late high school/college.

6. Earliest song you can remember really liking?
The song at the end of Darby O'Gill and the Little people.

7. First LP you bought with your own money?
Like Maura, by the time I was old enough to buy my own music, I was buying cassettes, but I saved up my allowance to buy “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper. I was convinced (and still am) that she was the more talented one in the Madonna vs. Cyndi debate.

8. First elementary kiss?
Didn't happen. I was a tomboy until puberty and then I was too awkward for boys until I turned 16.

9. In kindergarten did you make an ashtray, plate, mirror or picture frame?
Plate w/ handprint.

10. First elementary celebrity crush. (when you were 10 or younger)
Han Solo.


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