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We gathered at the Canterbury for a celebration of Borg’s birthday. I drank one too many Greyhounds, but I got to chat to several people who I don’t see that often including krk and Rene. Fun stuff. They have a new door person at The Canterbury. He’s creepy.


My day started with another birthday celebration. I went to Café Flora with Erin. I don’t recall ever having been there before, but Meep swears that she and I went with Erin a few years ago. I was probably just as hung over then as I was on Saturday morning. Ouch.

My sweet potato breakfast quesadilla hit the spot, however. We sat in the sun room and basked in the light, whilst serenaded by the fountain. Beautiful.

After breakfast, I had to rush back home so that Meep, Dom and I could meet Borg at the GadZook office for a marathon scheduling session. I think we got a lot accomplished. We discussed sets vs. location for a number of scenes. I think we will be able to re-use a lot of locations, so our production schedule isn’t as daunting as it appears.

When the meeting concluded, I set about gathering a posse for karaoke. I was largely unsuccessful. A lot of people were either too tired, or had other plans. But Brugos and Brad came through. We got to Kozak’s shortly after nine and confirmed that karaoke was indeed happening. The “stage” setup is a little weird; at the moment it’s just a plank set on top of a back booth. Dancing is at your own risk. But if this thing takes off, perhaps they will look into finding a more permanent performance area.

Anywho, as is typical at Kozak’s, there weren’t that many people there. Hopefully, this will change in the long run because I DO NOT want that place to close down. For now, however, it was advantageous. We got to sing 4 songs each throughout the night. The selection isn’t bad. It’s short on the indie stuff (but Brugos did get to sing a mean “Monkey Gone to Heaven). They do have an abundance of 80’s music, however. With the wireless mic, Brugos was also able to walk it back to our booth so that we could all join in on “Piano Man”. Brad sang a fun “Down Under”, and I tried my hand at Bobby Brown’s “Don’t Be Cruel”. The DJ is a little bit crazy. He kept trying to get us to commit to coming to his Tuesday “Monkey Spunk” nights. But overall, the night was a blast and I definitely want to go back.

At the next table over, there was a motley crew of friends, one of whom was definitely Brugos Style. Brugos defines his “type” of woman using the “doggy door” test. If a girl could get her entire torso through a doggy door, but then would get stuck, she qualifies as “Brugos Style”. This girl was absolutely Doggy Door material. Unfortunately, she spent most of the evening sucking face with a guy sporting dubious facial hair. (The old pencil-thin beard line). The only man in modern times who can get away with thin-lined facial hair is John Waters, and he was not this girl’s date. Doggy Doors credibility was further compromised when she sang some god-awful modern country song. However, her best assets were captured deftly on digital film by Brugos. I now have the perfect birthday gift in mind for Brugos: a poster-sized, laminate of Doggy Door’s badunk. Preview photo forthcoming.

We closed the place out, and Monkey Spunk allowed me to serenade the bartenders with “Come Sail Away” as they cleaned up.


I had a busy day ahead of me. I woke up early and worked on Photoshopping a background for Doggy Door. Then I walked to a yoga class at the Mind and Body, where Kayobi and I have been going. I hadn’t yet been taught by this particular teacher, and, despite having gotten a good physical workout, I will not take a class from him again. He seemed a bit unstable, mentally, and he spent a lot of time “lecturing” and making negative comments. Yoga is supposed to be positive and relaxing so perhaps it’s not helpful to the students to hear about your excruciating knee surgery in detail. Furthermore, he took it upon himself to pay a lot of attention to my form in particular. I know that I need to work on my circular breathing, but this guy clearly thought he was doing me a favor my being hard on me in front of everyone. Tough love is great in moderation, but for a student who, for all he knew, had never done Hatha before, he was definitely rubbing me the wrong way. I’m going to stick with the Monday-Wednesday-Saturday classes at this place and stay clear of Mr. NegativePants.

After class, I walked to Safeway to buy ingredients for the Oscar party. I had a lot of fun picking out the fancy ingredients. I don’t usually buy stuff like goat cheese, sea salt and sun-dried tomatoes.

Once home and showered, I immediately set about cooking. I had a lot of work to do. Luckily, Meep came over and helped me out. I never would have finished in time without her. Thanks, Meep!

As some people were still observing the dress-to-the-nines approach, Dom put on his suit. He looks great in black and white.

Meep and I wore pretty much the same outfits we sported at the Goth party. That was entirely a co-incidence. I just got lazy and didn’t have any clean clothes. Borg looked great also. He and Meep both wore sweater-vests and he’d combed his hair to the side.

Ben and Emolee arrived, also dressed up. Poor Emolee’s sparkly skirt seemed to attract the attention of Tobe, who refused to stop using it as a toy.

Brian, Brad and Brugos were also in attendance. We set a few drinking game rules (drink every time you see Jack Nicholson, every time you see someone associated with Brokeback Mountain, and every time someone thanks their agent or the Lord). We also filled out our official ABC Oscar ballots to predict the winners. I didn’t too horribly, but, with only 7 predicted correctly, I was far from winning. In the end, Brugos won with a total of 14 correctly guessed. His impromptu prize was a paint-by-numbers of a clown that I did a few weeks ago, and one of the freebies that Dom got in Park City. The loser, at only 3 correct guesses, was Brad. At Ben’s suggestion, the Booby Prize was a kiss from me. Heh. Booby.

We were all shocked that Brokeback didn’t win Best Picture. Now that I think about it, it’s pretty disappointing. We had thought it was the Year of the Gay. But it turns out that people are still too afraid to give awards to that kind of film. Michelle Williams definitely should have won. I haven’t seen Crash, but after hearing the song and seeing the clips from the movie, it looks like some pretty heavy-handed pandering and I am in no hurry to sit through that. Maybe Brokeback is heavy-handed too (course, I haven’t seen that either), but even if it IS, it’s the kind of heavy-handed that we NEED right now. At the risk of soapboxing, gay rights are under a great deal of peril right now. I though that a film about gay cowboys would help assuage such things. But clearly it’s still all lip-service at the moment. As usual, fuck you, Academy.

I was also baffled by Charlize Theron’s dress. One can only hope that she was only uglying herself up for a movie role. A movie about a middle-schooler in 1991? Also, WHERE IS STEWIE? This is the second award-show she’s been to without him. I really hope they haven’t broken up because that guy really needs to Phillipe to her Witherspoon.

There were some great moments though. Ben Stiller and Tom Hanks returned to their brilliant comic form, and the smear-campaign ads for the nominees were hilarious. The Daily Show should be in charge of the Oscars every year.

After the awards, we popped in my favorite Oscar-nominated film, Back to the Future. Sherwood arrived just in time for that. Guess the Oscars aren’t his forte, even when bribed with free food. Ben, Brian, Emolee, Brugos and Brad took their leave before we went Back in Tyme. Shortly after that, I was sleeping soundly in a champagne and carb-induced coma.

NEXT TWO WEEKENDS: I will be heading to Austin for SXSW. Numerous adventure stories to follow, I’m sure.