You did it

Let me set the scene a little bit. The others in this office enjoy a bit of revelry from time to time. And by time to time, I mean ALL the time. Several times a day you can hear loud laughter and clapping coming from behind closed office doors. I am never a part of this.

So today, I was talking to my favorite intern, WHILE we were working on something, mind you. We were laughing and enjoying ourselves. We were laughing so loud that we couldn’t hear the phone. But we COULD hear the Lil’est fucking Dictator yell at us from the next office “THE PHONE IS RINGING”. Immediately, we stopped laughing and my intern answered the phone. The call was for the Lil’est Dictator. Why couldn’t SHE answer the phone? Answer? Because she thinks she’s too good for it. But she’s NOT too good to tell me that I should help her do HER job whenever she wants it. Apparently, we “all need to help each other out to keep the office running smoothly” but only when we are helping HER out. Not when we’re helping me. I was having a good Friday and STILL doing my work and she had to put me in a bad mood by being her little princess fucking self. The thing that really bugs me is that I immediately snapped to when she yelled about the phone. I didn’t realize until it was too late that she had no right to do that. I still feel like she’s my boss, even though she’s not. God, that bitch burns my bacon.

Sorry. I had to type the anger out of me. Done.

personal victory update

Shortly after the above-named incident, Lil D sent me an email asking me to do her work for her. I Declined, saying “I believe these clients are yours”. She stormed out of her office a few minutes later, went into Boss Man’s office and slammed the door. She was in there for about 20 minutes. I expected him to call me in after she came back out. I had to ask him something anyway, so I went in to his office and asked my question. He made no mention of the incident. I came back to my desk and found an email from her asking “What are you working on”. So I listed out a few things and then said “but it’s not that I’m too busy to make one phone call. It’s just that we designed the system of assigning clients so that the people with the MOST clients would have their work-load alleviated”. She knows damned well that I have twice the work-load that she has. I also cc’d Boss Man on my response. This might sound underhanded, but it’s what she does to me ALL THE TIME when we’re arguing about something. So it must have worked because I didn’t get an email back from her. Now she’s just storming around the office, pouting.



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