Happy Birthday Liam and Noel!

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Liam and Noel are Faye's adorable rodents. I can't find a picture of the camera shy, Noel, but here's Liam! The above picture is of some other, much fatter rodent enjoying his birthday cake, much like Faye's boys will be doing tonight.

They are two-years old today!


meme time!

10 longest running friends (From the time that we became friends, not necessarily when I first met them). Obviously, I have no current friends from pre-college. Is that sad?

1. Kristie (since summer 1996)
2. Nikki (since fall 1996)
3. Frank (since spring 1997)
4. Erin (since summer 1998)
4. Faye (since summer 1998)
5. Jacob (since summer 1999)
6. Sherwood (since summer 2000)
7. DJ (since summer 2000)
8. Dan (since summer 2001)

9. Ryan (since fall 2002)
10. Dom (since summer 2003)

9 of your favorite foods

Peanut Butter
Fuji Apples
Portobello Mushrooms
Baked beans
Potatoes in any form
Snack Pack

8 of your favorite movies (This is never not a difficult question for me)

Back to the Future
The Beaver Trilogy
Night of the Living Dead
Human Nature
Straight to Hell
Dellamorte Delamore
True Romance
Harold and Maude

7 of your favorite shows of all time

The Young Ones
The State
Freaks and Geeks
Mr. Show
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

6 of your favorite songs

“Sad Song” Oasis
“Janie Jones” The Clash
“Countdown” Pulp
“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” Buddy Holly
“Acquiesce” Oasis
“Major Tom (Coming Home)” Peter Shilling

5 stores you shop at

Rainbow Grocery
Ross Dress For Less
Red Light

4 things you're afraid of

Getting trapped in and/or crashing to my death in an elevator
Never making a living doing what I love
Becoming my mother
Living in regret

3 of your favorite bands/artists

Buddy Holly
The Clash

2 of your most prized possessions

My original painting by Shannon Freshwater of Crispin Glover turning a cat into a jello mold.
My autographed Ron Jeremy picture

1 wish you've always dreamed of coming true

Painless and inexpensive full knee replacement.