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I’ve been very busy with some exciting stuff. It’s kept me from my usual entries about random crap. I’ve been working on several spreadsheets (god, I love spreadsheets…maybe a little too much…) regarding film business. Meep and I have been coming up with our dream cast for Plight and I think we have a pretty good one nailed down. Of course, the operative word is “dream”. If these people aren’t busy, LOVE our script, don’t mind working for scale and staying in the Travelodge, they may say yes. Otherwise, we’ll probably still be casting unknowns for these parts. I feel like we have ok chances though. I mean, we’re not asking for anybody A-list. Most A-list actors aren’t very talented anyway. We’re asking for people whose work we genuinely admire. In terms of the less likely actors (i.e. Bruce Campbell), we’re casting them in roles that could be shot in a day. We’re looking at people who are notorious for doing small films and pet projects. I was looking at our list this morning and I must admit I got pretty elated. We’ve got lawyer who is going to call their agents and make us sound all professional-like. We may even bring a bona fide casting director on board. So…we’ll see what happens with that.

In other news, Meep, Jacob and I (and possibly Dom) are going to L.A. at the end of September! It will just be for the weekend for Shriekfest, a horror film festival in which “SDBSD” is playing. Allegedly, the festival director is inviting a lot of press and industry types. Jacob will be contacting some of the people he and Dom met at Comic Con to try and set up meetings or, at least, invite them to see the film. As usual, Meep and I just have to stand there and look pretty and schmooze schmooze schmooze. Since I need to reserve my vacation time (I’ve only got 4 days left till Feb. 1st and at least one more trip before then), we’ll have to fly out Friday after work and back in Sunday night. There’s an awards ceremony/party Sunday night so we’ll probably have to miss the fun part and I’ll STILL be exhausted Monday morning. But I have to suck it up because this is it, man. This is where the leg work comes in. I’d rather be sleep deprived now than get my beauty sleep and have to miss out on some important trip or party that could lead to the next step up the ladder. Of course, while we’re down there, we’ll definitely hang with Mark and hopefully the Brunswicks. (And even more hopefully, the Brunswicks will let me crash). I’m sure it will be another fun-filled, whirlwind weekend.

Speaking of which, there’s a bunch of other fun, non-filmmaking stuff coming up too! There’s my FUNdue party on the 20th, and a garden party at Brugos’ house on the 27th. He’s very kindly agreed to let me bring the DDR!

September kicks off with Bumbershoot weekend. I’ll definitely go one day. Possibly two. As usual, I’m not too into any of the musical acts. I love Elvis Costello, but after the horrible Pixies show last year, I vowed never to see another act on the Mainstage, no matter how good they are. Because they WON’T be good. They will be tiny dots who will sound terrible and be forced rush through their set. I’ll be going for the comedy which includes Patton Oswalt and Eugene Mirman.

September also means birthdays galore including, mine, Dom’s, Sherwood’s and Ryan’s. So many Virgos! I don’t have time/money to plan a Dom and Jessica Extravaganza this year, so hopefully Ryan has something cooking and we can just latch onto his.  Last year he rented out the Catwalk and had a Back to the Future Prom themed affair. I have never seen Ryan so hammered. As a result of about 20 too many Washington Apple shots, Ryan kept insisting on picking girls up and swinging them around. Tragically, Meep and I did not have immunity.

Also in September, Meep and I plan to commemorate the Summer Death Rattle by going east to Wenatchee to swim in rock and algae free water. Yipcha!

On a completely unrelated note, I have decided to try and improve my eating habits. I have been extremely lethargic for a long time. I am not anemic. I eat plenty of soy protein and dairy. I actually get a fair amount of sleep as well. So I have been doing some research and learned that high fructose corn syrup may be contributing to my lack of energy. It allegedly zaps your energy and turns to fat immediately upon entering the body. And of course, it’s in EVERYFUCKINTHING from bread to ketchup to soda to instant oatmeal. All things I eat constantly. There are all natural versions of all these foods but they are only available at, like Trader Joe’s. This means that my grocery bill will probably go up, at least until I get a grasp on how to avoid this stuff. I’m going to try this for two months and see how I feel. If, after that, I don’t feel any different, I will try something else. But there are a few things I’m going to try really hard not to go back to consuming, including soda and white bread. I’m also not putting sugar in my tea anymore and I’m only going to drink beer every once in a while. (I’ll still drink wine and the occasional mixed drink. Not drinking at all is so not an option for me right now. I still need to consume SOMETHING I enjoy). I’m only in my late twenties. I exercise. I’m a vegetarian. There is no reason for me to feel so crappy all the time. I’ll let you know how this goes.

Christmas Crackers! Sorry about the rambling. I’ll make up for it later with some sort of amusing meme-y link or another.


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