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Oh unhappy day. I bounded home yesterday, so excited that I would finally be able to play DDR in my own home. Dom and I played a few test games and then Faye came over and we put her in the mix. We’d been playing for nary an hour when there was a knock on the door. Dom answered and apparently found the strange site of our downstairs neighbor dressed in red long johns and sporting huge glasses and a long, grey ponytail. He said that it sounded like a circus up here and could we please stop the noise. This was at approximately 8pm. I suppose the lateness could be debated, but he didn’t even say it was late. Just that his apartment was shaking. Fair enough to a DEGREE. But there are a few good arguments to me made. 1) Living in an apartment is shared space, true. But it’s also not a goddamned library. If we’re making some noise at a reasonable hour, I think it’s fair game. I’ve lived in apartments for years and had noisy neighbors. I didn’t ask the man who was constantly yelling at his kid to stop yelling. I didn’t ask the weekday partiers above me to shut up (only once when it was 2 in the morning on a Wednesday and they had been having weeknight parties for several weeks). I didn’t ask the dysfunctional couple to please stop fighting. I certainly don’t ask the demolition crew across the street to stop demolishing just because I’m home sick on a weekday and can’t sleep through their bulldozer. Why? Because these things happen. Faye said people have to live their lives and she’s right. There’s an unwritten rule that after 10 on a weekday, you should be quiet. I respect that. I’ve always respected that. I have a lot of good neighbor karma and that brings me to argument #2) I paid $100 for DDR and goddamnit, I want to play it! That might not be a GOOD argument, but it’s an argument nonetheless. What about all the people who do Tai Bo? Surely people who exercise in their apartment make noise. Should they instead get a gym membership? No. They just shouldn’t exercise late at night. It’s possible that this guy works a night shift. If so, I’m willing to work around his schedule. But I can’t NOT play DDR now that I have it. Come on, weird Santa! Work with me here! So, at the suggestion of many people, I am going to write a note to him today apologizing for the noise yesterday, explaining to him that this is basically exercise (because I think saying “I want to play a video game” wouldn’t be nearly as effective) and that if there’s an hour a day that we can agree on which would allow me to do this and him to do whatever it is he does, then that would be super swell. I will see how that goes before I ask him about the tentative DDR party on the 20th, which, I would like to add, I had already planned to be in the middle of the day on a Saturday. See what a good neighbor I am?

Well, that whole situation put me in a bit of a funk last night. I was in a right foul mood when we arrived at the Moniker/Bobcats/Some other bands show at Chop Suey. I had originally decided I wasn’t going to drink but bad moods facilitate need for alcohol so I bought me a house white and stewed in my glass. The first band was a chick-fronted number from Canada who were so-so. The second band was Moniker and they sounded amazing. Faye and I were mesmerized by the drums which were hooked up to some sort of machine that made them sound artificial. But they weren’t. They were being played live! Awesome! The third band sounded like a cross between Nine Inch Nails and New Order and I admit I enjoyed them in all their silliness. They played a cover of “Just Like Heaven” which got people dancing. By then I was on my third glass of wine which I had left at the back table under the care of Faye and Borgia so I could go to the bathroom. Being borderline drunk at that point, I lost track of time as I chatted with Sherrard. When I returned to the table, perhaps half an hour later, my wine was gone. Borgia said that an employee had cleared it. I have no idea why, as it was at least half full. There was approximately $3 worth of overpriced wine in that glass. Borgia valiantly chased after the guy who was apparently a dick about it and said that the glass was sitting there forever so he cleared it. Borgia then continued to be valiant and explained the situation to the bartender to begrudgingly poured another glass (half full) at no charge. Thank you, Borgia, for being so chivalrous and taking charge. I’m no good at complaining to the affronting parties. Especially when I’m in an ill mood.
After the wine debacle, the Bobcats took the stage. They sounded really good and were very tight with their instrumentation and dance moves. It’s clear they’ve been practicing. These guys are gonna be big. This time, they had TWO dancing robots who took to the audience to incite the boogie. Love the robots. Love the Bobcats. And now I have a demo so I can enjoy them in the comfort of my own home when I’m NOT playing DDR.

I’m not sure what time I got home. I only know I feel like ass today. Rock and roll ass. I’m not hung over, just tired and now I have a cough for some reason.

You know, I realize now that I have never had anything better than a bitter-sweet time at Chop Suey. Granted, this last time was mostly due to my mental state, but still, that place gives me the tummy rumblings.


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