under him; he gasped

“Lost” Spoilers Herein

J.J. Abrahms is a fuckhead. Please bear with me while I rant. As usual, there were as many flaws as successes to last night's season finale. Ok, so I must admit that the last 10-15 minutes were pretty goddamned gripping. But to not give us the slightest INKLING of the evil that lurks within the hatch? That's just mean. Leaving Michael floating in the water as he watches Walt being taken away, while Sawyer and Jin, possibly dead, are nowhere to be found was a good cliffhanger. (By the way, Faye totally called the fact that “The Others” were after Walt and not the stupid baby). But there are some holes even in that otherwise cool scene. Like where in the hell do “The Others” get gas for their boat? Or electricity for the giant spotlight on the front? It's sloppy storytelling…unless the island is just like the one in that Huey Lewis and the News video where if they just go far enough, they will find a big resort and civilization and Starbucks. Well, at least we learned more about the Iron Giant. It's pretty certain that the Iron Giant IS, in fact, The Iron Giant, whatwith all the mechanical noises it was making. So at least we got THAT much of a bone. But seriously. A broken ladder with not even a HINT of the evil that Walt was screaming about? G.A.Y. My qualms with Abrahms are thus. He always tries to be the big serial suspense mastermind. But he goes from being totally predictable and unoriginal (Artz might as well have been wearing a red uniform) to refusing to give ANY answers or even INKLINGS of answers to the big questions. It feels he might be less of a genius and more a guy who has no idea where he wants his characters to go. Or maybe it's just that Joss Whedon has ruined me forever. Joss is like that perfect ex that you will never really get over and the standard to which you will hold all future relationships. Will I ever be truly in love with a television show again? The end of Alias last night was fairly Willow/Tara-esque. But less so because I don't care about any of the characters on Alias. I don't know. All I know is that J.J. Abrahms is a fuckhead.

I just read the TWOP Recaplet and it's pretty much EXACTLY what I just said above, only funny.


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