NFT Radar: Seattle Laser Dome

If you’re looking for great recession time entertainment, (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) you should really check out Laser Dome at the Pacific Science Center. Sure, most of the audience is comprised of teenagers looking to hang with their crushes in the dark. But there’s also loud rock n’ roll…and LASERS! They have classic shows like “Pink Floyd: The Wall” and “Laser Queen,” and they’re always adding limited engagements for contemporary bands like Radiohead and Muse. It never hurts to sneak in some beers in your tummy. But even in a sober state, lasers are pretty cool. Especially when they depict robot battles. It’s already cheaper than a movie but there are even more ways to save at Laser Dome. Thursday is “cheap date night” at $5 a pop. Concessions on Friday and Saturday are just $2. They have $1 weekend matinees with your PSC ticket. Teen admission is always $5. Best of all, it’s a live show, which means there’s a guy in the booth customizing each performance. If the crowd is keen, he’ll even do an encore. Besides, you should support the Pacific Science Center because financially, it’s not doing so hot. The people need their science!

200 2nd Ave N 98109
(206) 443-2850

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