Really Weird Stuff E18: Twin Peaks – A Dispute Between Brothers

On episode 18 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 10: “A Dispute Between Brothers”. This episode was written by Tricia Brock and directed by Tina Rathborne. It’s best known as the one with Leland’s funeral and Coop’s suspension from the FBI. Special guest Chris Brugos joins us to explore such mysteries as:

IS Sarah Palmer really OK?

COULD two people in love really have caused all this?

WHY does emotional baggage seem so sexy to a teenager?

PLUS: Extra special guest Brutus the Pug shares some of his thoughts in the form of grunts and heavy breathing throughout.

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Really Weird Stuff E15: Twin Peaks – Lonely Souls

On episode 15 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 7: “Lonely Souls”. This episode was written by Mark Frost and directed by David Lynch. It’s best known as the one where Maddy goes galloping back to Missoula, Montana. To help us discuss the DOOZIEST of doozies, we have TWO special guests: Both halves of the Ex-Rated Movies Podcast, Ryan Weadon and Matt Fisher! We explore such mysteries as:

WHAT does the S. stand for in Harry’s full name?
WHY a horse?
HOW does David Lynch make history’s most unsettling hour of network television?

PLUS: Matt coins the phrase, The Coop Loop*!

*T-shirts forthcoming

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Really Weird Stuff E12: Twin Peaks – Laura’s Secret Diary

On episode 12 of Really Weird Stuff, we’re discussing Twin Peaks Season 2, Episode 4: Laura’s Secret Diary. It was directed by Todd Holland and written by Mark FrostHarley PeytonRobert Engels, and Jerry Stahl. It’s best known as the episode with too many cooks in the kitchen. Stahl handed in a non-sensical, blood stained draft that the other three men had to whip into shape in record time. Still, there are some shining moments. We explore such mysteries as:

WHY is Hank sleeping at the diner?
WHO is the real Josie Packard?
HOW is Harold supposed to be sexy?

PLUS: 9:30 is the hottest time to be at the Roadhouse!

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New Podcast: Really Weird Stuff! Episode 1 – The Twin Peaks Pilot

Welcome to Twin Peaks, an Eastern-ish Washington town full of eccentric characters and plenty of really weird stuff for Annie Malone and Jessica Baxter to discuss at length. For our pilot episode, we discuss our personal histories with Twin Peaks and David Lynch, the origin of the show, and of course, THE Pilot, which aired on April 8th, 1990 on the American Broadcasting Company. 

On RWS, we aim to analyze each episode of Twin Peaks in the context of the whole, including Fire Walk with Me, The Missing Pieces, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and The Final Dossier. This episode is a taste of where we’re headed. Please subscribe, and add us on insta (@reallyweirdstuffpod), and twitter (@reallyweirdpod). We will continue this deep dive into all things TWIN PEAKS in Fall of 2021.

Really Weird Stuff is available on all major Podcast apps and our website. Or download the pilot directly by clicking here!