Last night, Brugos and I caught the last performance of the Burlesque Nutcracker at the Triple Door. I wasn't sure what to expect. I have never liked the Nutcracker. The music is beautiful, but I find ballet incredibly boring. However, I have never seen a live burlesque show and have been wanting to for a while. The description made it sound fun. Swing versions of the Nutcracker Suites! Sexy ladies! Elaborate costumes! Plus, the Triple Door is a very classy venue. I've been there once before (to see some god awful jazz show with a work event) and even though the music was painful, the food and atmosphere were very satisfying.

We were seated right down front to the left of the stage. The host told us it was our waitresses birthday. She was very sweet and seemed in good spirits despite having to work on her birthday. We ordered drinks (I got a nice and salty dirty vodka martini) and I ordered the stuffed mushroom appetizer. The show began and I was immediately drawn in. Everything was adorable from the host's swing vernacular to the curvy tattooed dancers in their sexy costumes. The things these girls could do with tasseled underpants! There was also one man in the chorus line. Later, he joined another guy to do a cool rough-and-tumble dance number in pinstripe suits. And the other guy performed a swing number with two ladies. I am always amazed at how easily trained swing dancers can throw a girl around. I had a big silly grin on my face for the whole show. I felt pretty classy sipping my martini and watching cuties strip tease to Big Band Tsaichovsky with my fella by my side.

Just look at all these burlesque cuties!

Here's a flier that was too big to paste into my blog. Aren't they adorable?!

I admit, I was a LITTLE skeptical at first. $20 is a lot for a show for me and the Nutracker usually sucks. But it was worth every penny. It's too bad it was the last night, or else I would urge each of you to run out and see it. I think it was a success, though, so they may do it again next year.

I really want to learn how to swing pasties and waggle my butt in tasseled underpants. Luckily, I can take lessons! I think as soon as the classes are back in session, I am going to try it out.