Notter with a Beard: Adrien Brody Edition

Aw hell nah. Though this post should really have its own category because what Mr. Brody has there is not, technically, a beard, but some horrible abomination of facial hair. I generally adore Brody’s sweet face and sensuous nose, but this shit makes him look like a serial date-rapist at a sorority party.

It’s made all the worse by his proximity to HWAB-alum, Keanu Reeves, who is rocking the sexy whiskers as per usual.

Figure it out, Brody. Please.

Hotter With a Beard: Jon Hamm Edition

Hamm’s hairy potential is hinted at on “Mad Men” with his occasional five o’clock shadow and glorious chest hair. But here is Hamm’s face in full bearded glory.

Fantastic. I’m also a fan of the sexy crow’s feet. This is what a man looks like, people.

Hotter With a Beard: Chuck Klosterman Edition

This edition is in honor of my friend, Elyse, who met the illustrious Chuck when she was the maid of honor to his groomsman at a friend’s wedding. I recently gifted her a copy of “Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs” (mmmm…Cocoa Puffs…) and his picture on the back cover features this cute but also sort of geeky clean-shaven face.

Apparently, he now looks like this:

Proof-positive of the magic of facial hair. The evidence is undeniable. The shorter bangs help too.

Hotter with a Beard: Keanu Reeves Edition

I know I was a naysayer at first, but I guess his neck beard just had to flourish into this amazing gem of a hairdo. Full-bearded Keanu is my Oregon Country Fair wet dream. Keep up the good work, Keanu beard!

Hotter with a Beard: SXSW Edition

Thanks to beard prevalence, SXSW 09 was much sexier than in past years. 2009 is definitely the Year of the Beard.

Not a full beard, but it has potential. And a rock star to boot!

Beard vs. beard.

And a snazzy dresser!

Hands off, ladies. This one’s all mine.

Hotter with a Beard: Joshua Jackson Edition

He was clean shaven on Dawson’s Creek but on Fringe he is all scruff and girl, it works.

Joshua Jackson is a somewhat inexplicable longtime crush of mine. He’s not a terrific actor but he’s pretty good with the sarcastic quips and that’s how everyone spoke on Dawson’s Creek. He and Michelle Williams were the only ones who could deliver that contrived dialog without me wanting to punch them in the face. They were also the reasons I kept watching. (Well, that and all the awesome guest stars they kept bringing in). And now he’s 90% of the reason I keep watching Fringe. (The other 10% has to do with occasionally awesome gore effects.)

Hotter with a Beard: Ryan Gosling Edition

I never really got the Ryan Gosling “thing”. I tried to watch The Notebook and couldn’t finish it. It was just SO melodramatic. And both main characters seemed half retarded. It was like watching a remake of The Other Sister.

But he sure looks cute with a beard. And he seems like kind of a weird dude in real life, which I like. Also, there’s this.