NFT Radar: the Piecycle

This is the tale of the young pie maker named Max. Max baked the finest dessert pies in all the land. He made fruit pies and chocolate pies, lemon meringue and coconut cream. Once he turned a whole other dessert (S’mores) into a pie. Somehow he could even make a butter crust without any butter at all! Folks speculated about how somebody so young could craft a pie better than the most seasoned of grandmothers. Was it a deal at the crossroads? Sorcery? Whatever magic was at play, it was not black magic, as Max always used his power for good. Every weekend, after nightfall, he would mount his bicycle and deliver his incredible pies to the U District and surrounding areas until the wee hours. Though his pies were as deep as the ocean and worth their weight in gold, he commanded only $3/slice and $20/pie, a paltry sum for pastry perfection. All who tasted his wares were left in satiated bliss. Guess what, kids! This is no fairy tale. Max the Piecycle Man is real. He even has a Facebook page. And, if you’re lucky, he’ll come to your town real soon. Now shut up and go to sleep.

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