Hotter With a Beard: Axl Rose Edition

Even in his heyday, I never really got the Axl-Rose-as-a-sex-symbol thing. He was too skinny, and biker shorts have never really been a turn on for me. And then during his “come back” things seemed to get worse. No man’s face should ever meet a botox needle and no white man should ever don cornrows. Well, I guess Axl got (a small) clue because these days, he’s looking alright. Not GREAT, mind you. But certainly better than he’s ever looked before.

He could probably stand to work out and buy some normal pants (and Jesus H. Jones cut that hair already!!) but I dig where he’s going with this.



  1. Hmm, I used to LOOOOVE smackfiend lycra-clad Axl Rose. There’s a part of me that likes a dirty, disgusting rocker, though.

    • I like CERTAIN disgusting rockers. Give me a young Glenn Danzig or Mike Ness anytime.

      Also, some day I will tell Lula about how the Mama Brain she gave me made me forget how to spell Axl.

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