NFT Radar: Po Dog

I’d actually been craving a hot dog for quite some time. With so much build up, my first trip to Po Dogs was either going to be deeply satisfying or profoundly disappointing. I’m pleased to report that my Po Dog completely hit the spot. You’re going to shell out a few more bucks than you would at a standard hot dog cart, but these are not your standard hot dogs. Not by a long shot. Toasted brioche buns add a bit of sweet decadence to each gourmet dog. And their unique selection of specialty dogs is outstanding. Among the wacky offerings is the Deep Fried Danger Dog (bacon wrapped and deep fried), the Wasabi Egg roll Dog (wrapped and fried in an egg roll, smothered in wasabi aioli), the weirdly successful PB Dog (Elvis-approved peanut butter and bananas). Along with an outstanding veggie dog and the opportunity to “dress your own wiener,” there’s just no way won’t find the dog of your dreams. Complete your meal with house-made chips or fries and wash it all down with a brew from the cooler. Best of all, you will leave fully satisfied, if somewhat jealous of their badass six-shooter wallpaper.

1009 Union St 98122

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