NFT Radar: Smarty Pants

Finding good Eggs Benedict is a difficult and risky endeavor. Moreso than with other breakfast dishes (pancakes, for instance), you need to be careful ordering sight unseen. But I love any excuse to visit Georgetown and brunch at Smarty Pants is one of the better ones. I’m sure glad I tried the Benie because now I know it’s one of the best in the city. The hollandaise is perfect and they will throw some Morningstar Farms veggie sausage on there for you if you don’t dig on swine. If you do enjoy consuming farm animals, they have you covered there too. The corned beef hash is made from scratch and the Huevos Panteros is a delicious, crispy take on the ranch-style dish. The hash browns are all grease and crunch and could use a little work, but their featured dishes are spot on. Weekend mimosa and bloody deals help you recover from the night before. Lunch or dinner boasts an equally impressive menu, including brats, cheesesteak, succulent pork and the B.E.L.T. (B.L.T. with hard boiled egg). Sub any meat with field roast. You’d be stupid pants not to like this place.

6017 Airport Way S 98108

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