NFT Radar: Memo’s Mexican Food

Late-night Mexican food has long been a college student staple. Nothing soaks up the booze at 2:30 in the morning better than a couple of tacos or a fatty burrito. In my day, we had Taco Bell. But today, the kids have something a whole lot better: Real Mexican food twenty-four hours a day. Memo’s is muy authentico and delicioso. You might experience a lot of emotions after enjoying one of their combo meals, but buyer’s remorse is not one of them. Their breakfast menu, available all day, features a variety of eggy burritos (steak, ham, bacon, cheese or potato) as well as the classic Huevos Rancheros. From 6-11 am, 3 of those burritos are only $2.99. But the savings don’t stop there. 16 combo meals offer massive amounts of food for under $7. Kids eat for $3.50. Gringos might enjoy the Washington Burrito, a behemoth featuring steak, potatoes, salsa and cheese for $4.50. Did I mention taquitos? They have those too. For dessert, try their house-made flan, advertised as “the dessert with all the answers.” Run away from The Border and toward Memo”s.

4743 University Way NE 98105

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