Another Sacred Childhood Memory Pooped On

My beloved Clash of the Titans, a film which I not only watched daily as a child, but continue to immensely enjoy in my adult life (just this WEEK, in fact) is, naturally, being effing REMADE. Who's behind this travesty? The man who directed Blade and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (the latter being the flop which Sean Connery signed on with after turning down the role of GANDALF in a little fantasy trilogy called THE LORD OF THE RINGS).

For fun, I will hypothetically cast this film to give it maximum, wound-salting potential.

In the role of my dreamy, fuzzy-chested, dim-but-powerful Perseus (a.k.a. Harry Hamlin):

In the Burgess Meredith side-kick role:

Playing the lovely but equally dim and fairly helpless Andromeda:

Playing the hot, misunderstood Calibus:

The Gods:

The Stygian Witches:

And, of course, instead of Ray Harryhausen's genius stop-motion effects, we will have crappy C.G. versions of Pegasus, Bubo, Medusa (voiced by Angelina Jolie?) and the Kraken.

Who do YOU think they will cast?