It must be telepathy

Work is slow and I can’t seem to concentrate anyway, so please enjoy this random string of thoughts.

I think Tobe, while enjoying exploring the new digs, is pretty lonely. When I’m home, he’s been following me around EVERYWHERE in the apartment. I hope I can teach him how to play with some of his toys so that he doesn’t get too bored when I’m out. Hopefully, he won’t take his loneliness out on any of my stuff…with his urine of vengeance.

The apartment itself is coming together slowly. I still have a few boxes to unpack, but everything is pretty much laid out where I want it. It’s going to feel rather cramped in there, but perhaps that will inspire me to give up some of my vast media collection to make more room. Either that or I will continue to amass possessions until you will have to pry me from my media nest with the Jaws of Life.

I’m going to clean my part of the old place tonight. I’m not expecting our deposit back.

Melancholy day thanks to rain and sick rats. Send your love to Noel (and Faye) if you get a chance.

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