Been saved lately


I realize I have been slacking on my weekend recaps of late. I’ve started a few but have been too distracted to finish them. My brain is fairly muddled these days. And when I’m actually bored by what I’m writing, I can only imagine how boring it would be for someone else to read, so I’ve just abandoned them. So I’m sorry if anyone has been looking forward to reading what I haven’t been writing.

I’m going to now attempt a really general weekend recap. Hopefully it won’t suck.


I tagged along with B., Galloo and Alex to a work party at Howl At The Moon, a dueling piano bar in Pioneer Square. The notion of super cheap drinks was (and is almost always) too good to pass up, even when accompanied with extremely cheesy piano versions of rock songs. We had a good 45 minutes of quiet with our cheap drinks and free (mediocre) appetizers before the “show” started. The show is performed by who I can only guess are two struggling musical theatre actors trying to supplement their income. Yes, they know the words and piano arrangements of seemingly any song that someone would suggest. But that doesn’t make it right. Now, some of you might think that this is something I would enjoy. My love of cheesy and so-bad-it’s-good things is well known. But believe me, this intolerable. The guy had a predilection to changing lyrics for “comedic” (read: Vaudevillian) value. The girl looked and sounded exactly like that annoying lady from Ally McBeal (who, in my opinion, was the worst part about the show…and there were a LOT of bad parts about that show). They tried to get everyone to sing along and, worse, CLAP. Luckily, we left before they dug into the PROP BOXES they each had under their pianos. My god. I felt like I was in an old folk's home on a cruise ship. The lengths we will go to for cheap drinks…

4 drinks later, we set about finding something else to do. We eventually settled on Linda’s, managing to score the big window table. We ordered a round of the strongest vodka drinks ever, and were later joined by Meep. I didn’t find Linda’s as annoying as usual because, I imagine, it was still early, we were sitting, and the waitress wasn’t abusing us.

After our second round of flammable beverages, B. had the BRILLIANT idea to score a box of wine from QFC and then return to Meep’s apartment for drinking games. We all loved this plan. It was infallible.

At this point, everyone was pretty drunk. It seemed to take us ages to get to Meep’s, when, in fact, it was apparently only 9:00. The rest of the evening is somewhat of a blur, although I do recall Alex and Andrew exploding a mini keg in Meep’s kitchen, struggling through 2 rounds of Asshole, singing along to Pulp’s “Different Class”, Meep and I getting all sentimental (probably as a result of all the Brit Pop), and Alex singing a marathon song with improvised lyrics and recurring chorus about Meep forgetting the sun and the heartache. I think Borg may have shown up at some point as well.


After a few hours of nursing a pretty awful hangover headache, I was able to venture out into the sun and get some eggy potatoey goodness with B.. I spent the afternoon indulging in Tru Calling and smoking with Meep. In the evening, I went to a marathon Italian feast at Salvatore with B. and 20 of his friends. It was an inexplicably pirate-themed birthday.


Photo shoot! We shot 4 different scenes for promo posters for “Plight”. The day started at 8am. Sherwood was our first zombie victim. We shot a coffee scenario at a little shop called Faire on Olive and Melrose. The space used to be a second-hand book shop. Now it’s a very nice coffee shop/art gallery. Luckily (for us, anyway), it was also pretty empty when we were there, so we were able to shoot with no interruption from customers. The art on display was a really cool series of abstract cloud scenes. One of the paintings is actually on the cover of the Stranger this week.

The second location was a wall across from Bill’s that we tried to make look like it was next to a hot dog vendor.

The last two scenes were shot in Volunteer Park. One at a bus stop, and one on some stairs next to the reservoir.

It was a beautiful day. Arguably, the nicest day of the year so far. I’m really glad I got to spend it outside. Thanks to everyone who came out and made the whole thing run very smoothly.

Dom, Meep and I spent the evening looking at the pictures and choosing the best ones. I think we’ve got something good here. Stay tuned for some links to some promo posters. Hopefully, you’ll also be seeing them around town. Buzzzzz!

After work, the Troika ate some Nazi Thai (Dom went to pick it up for me and Meep, as we are BANNED), and we attempted to watch “Dead and Breakfast”. A good portion of it was viewed in fast forward. Note to self: find out who was responsible for the sound design of that film and avoid them.

After the movie, Meep took her leave. I actually nodded off around 10:30. I think I really needed the rest. So why am I STILL tired this morning?