Virgil’s The Amazing story



After some last minute shopping for bits and bobs for Dom and Faye’s costume, the Troika finally had all the components we needed for our costumes. At this point, it’s no secret. Dom was to be John Constantine and Faye and I were to be our very appropriate alter egos, Patsy and Edina. I got ready, sprayed Dom’s hair with some “blonde” hairspray and then left for Faye’s to help her with her hair. On the way, I picked up Sherrard and totally freaked out his neighbor as I waited for him. In retrospect, she probably had no idea that I was in a costume. Sherrard descended the stairs in his wonderful Spaceman costume and we started for Faye’s. But Sherrard was in need of sustenance (space travel can really make a boy hungry), so he went to Pagliagi’s and I continued to Faye’s. She was already quite transformed by the time I got there. These were definitely our most accurate costumes to date and we’re pretty proud of them. We got into character by watching some AbFab and drinking a bottle of Cook’s. Sherrard helped us down the stuff. Around 8:00, Dom brought the car, and we headed downstairs to meet him. Borgia was already down there, dressed as a pretty lady, and he seemed to be soliciting my boyfriend. Cute. He really looked pretty good. Like a Bruce McCulloch in drag. And he said I could have his dress. I’m holding him to it. Dom was now fully dressed and looked fantastic. We ALL looked fantastic. And we were ready to party.

Sure, we arrived to Brugos’ Scareoke party a little unfashionably early, but who cares! Elyse and Gene were already there taking full advantage of the karaoke machine before the crowds happened, and I intended to do the same. Elyse was an adorable World War I fighter pilot. She actually looked very comfortable in her outfit. Brugos was a horrifying Courtney Love. Dom didn’t get any pictures, but hopefully Faye did, because you haven’t lived till you’ve seen Courtney Love with a hairy chest. Gene was a rocker dude. And rock, he did.

Throughout the night, we also met two Droogs, Duff Man, a cupcake, Dracula, Axel Rose, Angus Young and Freddie Mercury. The costumes were really amazing. I that we know so many people who are willing to go all out on Halloweeen. Faye and I, ever true to character, continued to pound the Cook’s and also snuck into the backyard for a quick spliff. Before we got too hammered, we sang our song, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship. I also got in some Firehouse and some Johnny Hates Jazz. The karaoke was very popular and the lines got a bit long so I’m definitely glad we got there early. The time went by pretty quickly. Before we knew it, it was 1:00, and poor, sober Dom was ready to vamoose. I didn’t want to leave, but once I got into the car, it was evident that I probably shouldn’t have stayed for much longer.


Of course I was hungover. But not in a nausea/headache kind of way. I was just exhausted. So I decided not to move for most of the day, opting instead to watch terrible movies on TV (American Psycho, Queen of the Damned) and just veg. Sherrard stopped by briefly and I convinced him to come with us to West Seattle for Gevin’s party before going to the UPS Ex-pats party. I was supposed to call him at 8. At 3 I went down for a nap and didn’t wake up until 5:30. Then I called Faye and we were both so brain dead, that we couldn’t make any plans. Dom made some executive decisions involving Thai food and he called Faye back. I finally took a shower, we ordered the food, and I went to the grocery store for more Cook’s(!) Faye showed up and later Borgia (this time dressed as a lecherous Girl Scout leader). While we waited (an hour) for our food to arrive, we watched an AWESOMELY bad movie on TV called “Santa’s Slay” about Santa being evil. It didn’t really make a lot of sense, plot wise, but it had Emilie de Ravin in it and it was hilarious. Especially the overdubbing of the swearing.
Anyway, after a Thai food orgy, we were no less ready to party. All of us old persons were tired from the night before. But party on, we must. So Sherrard came over and Faye, Dom and I got ready again. We left around 9:00 and headed to West Seattle. Once again, we were one of the first folks to arrive. Gevin wasn’t even in his costume yet. Oh well. We marveled at the fabulous decorations and their awesome skull mural. Their house is like a museum of cool. Faye and I didn’t know anyone besides the folks we came with though, and Gevin was busy running around, so we kinda alienated ourselves to the couch for a little while. Their friends are really nice though. People actually came up to us and introduced themselves. Wow! Eventually, more people we knew arrived, like Kayobi (looking very Pirates of Penzance) and Jeff and his girlfriend (who were rockers. And his g/f was the spitting image of Lita Ford. She had no idea who Lita Ford was). Alesia also arrived and told me that I looked good enough to rape. Yikes. She also apparently hit on Dom. I doubt she’ll remember any of that.
Around 11:00, Gevin’s band played in the basement. They were really good! They played some covers and some original stuff and just generally rocked.
We decided to head back to the hill after that. Dom dropped us of at the Ex-pats and went home. We squeezed our way into the house, but it was wall-to-wall people and very uncomfortable. We hung out long enough to see Ahe’s Barbie costume (which was very good) and then Faye and I retreated to the basement to get some air. Since there wasn’t actually anyone else IN the basement, and we really didn’t want to squeeze ourselves back into the kitchen, we decided we should call it a night. Friday has just taken it all out of us. I guess next time someone asks me how I can attend 3 parties in one weekend, the answer is “I can’t.”


I wasn’t at all hung over, but I was still pretty wrecked. I think I was still recovering from Friday. Jesus. Anyway, I had big plans for getting chores done but it didn’t really happen. Dom and I made it to the grocery store and then I got distracted by baking cookies, and “I Love the 80’s 3D”. Oh well. I also continued to watch “Queer as Folk” which is really addictive. The last episode I watched ended on quite the downer which is maybe why I had horrible stress nightmares all night.

Regardless of the fact that I am no longer able to “bounce back” from a rough night, it was a very fun weekend and very successful, costume wise, for everybody! I love my friends!

Dom’s pictures are here!

Hopefully Faye will upload hers soon cos she’s got more of Saturday and some definite gems from Friday. If anyone else has pictures, I’d love to see them!

Also, check out Dom’s new MySpace picture. I know we are nerds.



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