i know why you're unhappy. open to find the answer

I am so sick of perfect strangers always telling me to smile. It's usually young to middle-aged men. Sometimes it's on the street, other times, like today, it's in a store and they work there. I asked an Office Depot employee where to find something and he showed me. While he led me there, he said “I see you in here a lot. You never smile. You should smile more”. I told him the truthful response that I'm there on my break from work and therefore not happy about having to return to the office. But if I were the asshole that I am in my head I would have said “Don't tell me to smile. You don't even know me. You don't know why I'm not smiling. Maybe I just got dumped. Maybe I lost a family member or pet. Maybe I've just been fired or diagnosed with a terminal illness. You don't know. So don't tell me to smile unless you KNOW I have a reason to be happy.” Granted, I do have many reasons to be happy. But this job makes me a Grumpy Gus and I have every right to frown about it if I want to. So they should shut the hell up.


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