Panda finds herself a mate

So…Tobe is doing really well. He's a quiet, gentle sort who just loves belly and head scratches and sleeping in dark corners. (Could it be that his blue eyes are hurt by light?). I honestly can't imagine why anyone would have given him up. He has pretty smelly farts and he does spray a bit, but if those were the only reasons to get rid of someone, Dom would have been history ages ago. Haha. I kid, I kid.

But seriously, he's awesome. I'm very happy with him and he seems to be pretty happy with me. He's a very good lap cat and he only slightly hinders my computer work when he decides he needs my hand to scratch his head right then and there.

Marilyn is doing ok with it all too. I think she's figured out the drill. She will meet him tomorrow night during Tobe's Coming Out Party/screening of Robocop. Things might get hairy for a little while but, given how mellow she's been so far, (not mellow for some cats, but for Marilyn who is pretty high strung, VERY mellow) I think she'll be ok.

Enough talk about my cat. I promise I will not become a crazy cat lady and start throwing tea parties for Tobe and dressing him in his Sunday best. On to more important topics like how excited I am for Trashy TV Thursday and how we are so close to finishing Snow Day that I can taste it! We just might make the San Diego Comic Con deadline after all. That has little bearing on whether or not we get INTO it, but if that happened, I would have a little geek orgasm. Can't get ahead of myself. No sir.

In work related news, my boss got himself a shiny new computer so I inherited his old one. It's very nice. It has 37 gigs! (As opposed to the 5 gigs that my old computer has). I also got me a flat panel monitor so I have a whole foot between my face and the screen now (instead of the 4 inches I had before). It's fantabulous and it's distracting me, temporarily, from how much I don't like being here. Hopefully the novelty won't wear off for a while due to my recent revelation about my indentured servitude to this company.

That is all.


He has the eyes of Sauron

But I promise you he's not evil.

can you deal with that?

Fluffy kitty cuteness here. He's got “crazy eyes” like The New Guy. Actually, his eyes are blue so they reflect the light light nobody's business.

barren augusta dutiful spotlight

The depressing half
Fuck. I recently realized that my brilliant idea of quitting this demeaning job to go and get a different one is, at this juncture, but a mere pipe dream. I have been very good at saving money and have a nice little cushion (not a WHOLE lot, but enough to keep me afloat for 2-3 months of unemployment). However, it has recently come to light that I must use that money for film stuff. It's probably going to be a lot for the sound mix (and Gadzook can only pay for half of that). It's going to cost a ton to send the movie to festivals. It's going to cost a ton more to print postcards, posters, stickers and buttons to promote the film. Not to mention the fact that, should we actually GET INTO any festivals, I will want to go to them. That's plane tickets and hotel cost. So all that money will need to be spent. Every job I have looked at cannot even pay me close to the what I'd thought was the meager salary I get now. So I might as well stay here. Hopefully my boss will be just as nice about letting me change my mind as he was about letting me take my time in leaving. That will be an embarrassing conversation. Damn me and my expensive dreams. Why couldn't I have wanted to be a fry cook?

The happy fluffy kitty half
Tobe is doing well. He was stoney baloney yesterday having gotten his bawls clipped. (I don't know what they did though cos he still HAS them…Maybe they just disconnected them? Weird) He napped for a little while on my lap and then a while longer in the corner of the office. I think he was slightly terrified of his freedom at first. (Insert Oz joke here). But by the end of the evening he was ready to come out of the office and explore. Unfortunately, we couldn't let him do that because we are supposed to keep him and Marilyn separate for 5 days. I also gave him a sponge bath because he was stinky and his tail was matted with dirt. He was very well behaved and I think he actually enjoyed the massaging properties of the scouring side of the sponge very much. I could only get about half the dirt out of his tail though. Ms. Faye will open her kitty salon later in the week and try to tackle the rest of the dirt. He still smells a bit though. It's that pesky boy spray smell. But theoretically, the snipping of the bawls should take care of that in time. ANYWHO, is he definitely a fantastically behaved cat and he loves being held and pet and put on laps so I think we are going to get along just fine. The best part is that Marilyn has been so weirded out that she hasn't even been meowing at us. She let us sleep right up until the alarm went off this morning. Awesome. Today, Tobe is allowed to explore the rest of the apartment whilst Marilyn stays in the bedroom. Let me tell you, she was none too pleased about that arrangement. She actually hissed at Dom. I will probably post pictures of his adorable orange fluffy self later in the week. Hooray for kitties.

inferiority complex taxidermists behind 8


I relaxed for a minute or two when I got home and then headed over to the Canterbury with the lovely and talented Faye to start our evening of debauchery. We chose our table and sat and waited for our people to show up. It was one of those evenings where people came and went and we stayed affixed in our seats like so much immovable furniture. But happy, drunk furniture. We were visited by the likes of sweet Erin, krk, Andrew, Derek, Aiyana, Elyse, Erik, Borgia, Sherrard, another Chris and a cast of hundreds. People came and went and ordered and once again we made the mistake of not paying as we went. So at the end of the night, Faye and I were left with a bill full of things that we weren’t responsible for and the guilty parties nowhere to be found. Some people owe us some money. But before that happened, we had a lot of fun talking with the peeps, playing music on the juke, getting nearly concussed by a flying volleyball, eating delicious fries smothered in fairy dust, drinking a lot of beer (though not as much as we were charged for) seeing a stranger’s penis, and avoiding people from ye olde alma mater that we didn’t necessarily want to see. T’was a fun and eventful night, to be sure.

We had much to do so I only slept in till around 9:30. We listened to some more music from our composers for “Snow Day” down in L.A. Then I got ready to go to the Seattle Animal Shelter to check out the kitty selection. Like this guy, I have been wanting a kitty of my own for quite some time. I had cats growing up, but in my adult life, it has been mostly rodents (whom I loved dearly but their lives are far too short). My last two rodents had to go and live with Auntie Faye because Dom’s cat, Marilyn, wanted to eat them and it gave them little rattie stress disorders. (For some reason my first two ratties weren’t afraid of her at all. But she definitely wanted to eat them too). Anyway, I still wanted a pet of my own. Someone to pet and love, etc. Marilyn is very much Dom’s cat. She likes me ok but she doesn’t want to sit on my lap and rarely wants me to give her the hugs and pets that I have in abundance to give. So a cat of my very own was the only solution.
After taking care of some more film business, Faye, Dom and I arrived at the Shelter just as it opened. Despite some guy standing outside the door trying to give away a beautiful dog by shouting about how his owner had killed himself and the dog had been abused, the shelter wasn’t quite as depressing as I’d prepared myself for. It’s run by good people who make sure to only let the animals get adopted by the right folks. You have to fill out an application before you can even pet an animal. Anywho, after passing a few kitties in the front room (including THE fattest house cat I have ever seen…seriously. My guess is that she tipped the scales at 20 pounds), I went to the back where I met many nice cats who needed a place to live. I had some requirements that needed to be met. Adult cat, male (because Marilyn would NOT get on with another girl), and not too old because, as much as I wanted to take home that sweet 15-year old boy, I don’t think I could handle getting attached to yet another animal that would be gone in just a few years. Also, the cat in question must be friendly, mellow and a lap cat. We found a fellow right away who seemed to meet these requirements. He was a bit younger than I’d wanted (11 months), but he was pawing at the cage to get our attention. His information said that he was very friendly and a lap cat. He had only been at the shelter a day or two and was brought there by a pregnant woman who had owned him for only a week. Apparently, she couldn’t handle all the spraying that this un-neutered cat was doing and, whatwith the bun in the oven, she didn’t have time to deal. Well, he was getting neutered before anyone could adopt him, so as far as I was concerned, he had no problems. I filled out the form and earned my petting privileges. The cat in question (unnamed), was placed on Dom’s lap and immediately settled in. He took a brief sabbatical on my lap but then returned to Dom’s ready for a nap. He seemed pretty cozy wherever though and was very much enjoying the barrage of pets that we gave him. He also didn’t meow once (which would make a great foil to Marilyn’s loquaciousness). We were sold. I filled out more paperwork and the young lad was mine. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take him home that say because he needed to be snipped first. So he was set for the knife on Monday and Monday evening, his groggy, furryness would arrive at his new home. Hooray for kitties.

Faye and I returned to my house to write. We had planned to finish the 3rd draft of our feature on that day. Well, writing always takes longer than you think it will. We did make quite a bit of headway though. We probably have one more day left. It’s really close, though. REALLY close. And, if I might toot our proverbial horns, pretty damned good. Certainly the best thing we’ve ever written (together. Faye has written plenty of amazing things on her own).

We then headed off to Woodinville for Ben’s roomwarming party. His parent’s had hooked up the pad with a sweet new “media room” and Ben wanted to break it in with a movie party. I have never been to Woodinville and I’m not sure if Faye has either, so we weren’t sure if we were in the right place. You follow 520 to the END and then you keep going. Whoa. And then you drive through Deliverance and turn off onto a secret street that curves up a spooky hill and then you end up in a vast expanse of a cul-de-sac. And that’s the way to Ben’s house. The house itself was pretty damned impressive. As was the ball-dropping flat panel super large wide-screen TV that we were met with. It was displaying the second half of Reefer Madness the musical when we arrived. And even though I didn’t get to see the first half, I must say it is one of the most brilliant things I have seen in a long time. Who knew Veronica Mars was so adorable and talented? Apparently, a lot of people. But not me until Saturday. After that was over, there was some debate over which film should be the inaugural one for the new TV. Faye and I suggested Robocop. With it’s Verhoevenness, how could you go wrong? But a room full of people we had never met outvoted us and we watched “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavre” with Faye and I agreed was one of the most pretentious, dead-horse beating pieces of independent cinema we’d seen in a long time. It is meant to be a spoof of Mystery Science Theater type films. But the whole reason THOSE movies are funny is because they aren’t meant to be. A movie like that which IS meant to be funny just isn’t because it’s far too self-referential. But we still enjoyed some stinky cheese and I just replayed the memory of “Reefer Madness” in my head until the movie was over. God, I’m an asshole.

I did some tidying (though not enough. I really need to get in gear on that. I live in filth. It’s embarrassing). I also heard some more of our music for “Snow Day” which is ALMOST DONE!! I watched Some Kind Of Monster while I ate lunch. The review were right. It did make me hate Lars Ulrich more. Especially the part when sweet old Dave Mustaine pours his heart out to the point of tears and Lars is all “dude, I don’t care. Get over it”. My heart went out to Dave Mustaine who, if you ask me, is multitudes more talented than Lard will ever be. It makes me sad that Dave himself doesn’t realize this. Megadeth was the intellectual metal band. They sang about politics and occasionally witches. They used words that I had to look up in the dictionary when I was 12. Metallica was music for truck drivers. You were better off, Dave. I want to give you a hug.
Then I went to yoga and didn’t do so bad this week. I definitely need to make sure I go once a week.
Later, I got our “Snow Day” poster from our extremely talented artist (featuring the soon to be ubiquitous Skullflake™) and futzed with the design a little bit to make it print ready. Things are coming together! This week will be a very busy (and hopefully fruitful) week in “Snow Day”. And next week we will hopefully have all the necessary materials together to submit to the prestigious San Diego Comic Con Wish us luck.

Tonight I get to pick up my new kitty who I have named Tobe! Oh, happy day. Hulk would be pleased.


Who wants to come to the Canterbury tonight for some Chaucerian revelry?

World’s oldest mum' defends her decision

Is it sad that all week I have been looking forward to mine and Faye's new tradition of “Trashy TV Thursday” wherein we get stoney baloney and watch The O.C. and Tru Calling? I hope not because it is one of my few relaxing joys in life right now. (Most of my other joys being highly stressful. Especially filmmaking. Who's crackpot idea was it for me to become a filmmaker? Oh yeah…mine. Doh!)

Anyway, we all know about The O.C. But for the TRUly uninitiated (gack), Tru Calling is one of the most poorly written, poorly acted and horrifically produced hour-long dramas ever to have made it to a second season. I know it's on Fox but jesus CHRIST it's bad. Laughably so. And it probably won't be making it to a 3rd season. So here is a short list of reasons why you should be watching now (preferably under the influence of some substance or another).

1) Zach Galifianakis. He is one of the funniest “alternative” comedians out there. But his IMDB resume does not reflect that at all. If you've seen his stand-up or Comedy Central special, you become one of the initiated few who can actually smell the bitterness, embarrassment and resentment coming off of him through the cathode tube and into your nostrils. Hilarious!
2) Eliza Dushku's “acting”. For those of you who only saw Dushku's acting on Buffy/Angel, you might thing she's not that bad. You are wrong. She is horrible. She's constantly making these weird faces when she's trying to look “concerned” or “scared” or “serious” and she smiles one of the most disingenuous smiles I have ever seen. But her character is supposed to be PROtagonist. She also has a tendency to look like she's flirting with people whom she really shouldn't be (and probably isn't) flirting with. People like the girl who she was supposed to save last week and her brother. And when she IS supposed to have chemistry with another character, it's SO awkward. Hilarious again!
3) Jason Priestly! Yes, THE Jason Priestly!! The Canadian wonder who captured our hearts on 90210 and has been doing indie films since then. Well, they obviously aren't paying the billz anymore. So now he's EVIL! And it's awesome. Best of all, you can sometimes actually SEE the chord that's attached to the phone with which he is phoning in his performance. Unimaginably funny.

So PLEASE watch Tru Calling before it's too late. Because it's really not worth the price of a rental. But it's definitely worth having on while you kill a few brain cells.