Hotter with a Beard: James McAvoy Edition

I’ve been a little busy lately. Too busy to keep up with my favorite celebrity gossip blogs. So I haven’t noticed any actors letting their follicles hang out. Fortunately, my friend Ahe has picked up the slack. Today, she drew my attention to a young Scottish gentleman by the name of James McAvoy. This guy has been running around, mostly babyfaced, since 1995. I first noticed him in “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe”, when he wore a beard on his bottom half as the fawn, Mr. Tumnus.

Fawns are, by the far, the sexiest of the man/beast hybrids (whatwith their fancy-free lifestyles and perpetual boners). But despite his general Scottishness, human McAvoy did nothing for me. Even when he was pretending to be Patrick Stewart or giving it to Kiera Knightly in the library (with the candlestick) I remained unaffected. Part of it was his pathetic display of unkempt facial hair, which seemed to indicate that he could no more grow a beard than Mr. Bigglesworth or Orlando Bloom. But he was holding out on us! Observe:

This picture is from the film, “The Conspirator”.

We don’t know if he would ever elect to wear a beard in his normal, everyday life. But he should. He really should.

James McAvoy’s Beard, I salute you!


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