In its glory days, TUBS was spa. A spa enveloped in rumor. These rumors suggested everything from anonymous sex in the secluded hot tubs to a full on prostitution ring. I don’t know what, if any of it, was true. I suspect there were some sexual indiscretions in the tubs at one point or another but what hot tub hasn’t seen at least one happy ending? And anyway, the speculation was half the fun of Tubs. It was a great conversation piece with a cool exterior. And now it’s about to be torn down. In recent months, a group called the Free Sheep Foundation started to paint the outside. Not graffiti but actual art. Really good stuff. The city let them because they were tearing it down anyway. Last Sunday, they held an open house and the artists were there. You could also go inside. Sadly, I encountered no ghostly reach-arounds. Just tons of broke tile and dust. An old TV. More art. I know we have a lot of art spaces in Seattle already but it felt like a waste to just haul it away. On the other hand, the coolest things in this world are only temporary.

4750 Roosevelt Way NE 98105

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  1. During my early days in Seattle, the grandiose visions I had, based on its exterior, of the elegance and splendor of TUBS were quickly deflowered by locals (one of whom claimed to know a “towel boy” there). I’ve had a special place in my heart for it ever since and am so sad to hear of its demise. RIP indeed.

  2. Hee hee
    An old girlfriend and I used to go their on occasion to break up the monotony or avoid roommates. This was back in the mid 80s hey day.
    Aside from what the rooms were obviously designed for, they were clean the staff was cool and friendly. I really do not recall ever getting a “creepy” vibe from the place. But then it could have very likely changed over the years.

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