The Rock of Love Bus if Finally Over!

I’m really hoping it’s out of my life forever. That really ended with a whimper, didn’t it. But, like an abusive boyfriend, I’m sure it will be back. And I’m hoping I’ll have the courage to tell it to fuck off. But we all know I will probably take it back. Let this post serve as a reminder to my future self.

Bret Michaels is the biggest misogynist on the planet. But he sure knows how to preempt such arguments. In the past, he has definitely kicked off women for refusing to have sex with him (using the “I think they’re here for the wrong reasons” excuse). But this time, he kicked off a woman who DID have sex with him in favor of one who didn’t. He makes a point to say that it was because he respected her decision. However, I am sure that Mindy was actually just not very good in bed. His decision was based entirely on the fact that he didn’t want to have sex with Mindy again, but he’d still like to have sex with Taya. It has nothing to do with the “99%” of him who thinks she’s the one. After all his bitching about her promoting her Penthouse career, he decided he didn’t care about that as much as he cared to put his penis in her.

Good luck, lady.

And now he’s going to “hold on to” her engagement ring until he’s 100% sure about her. This after he admitted to the camera that though he’s is not commitment-phobic, he wanted to run for the hills rather than propose. Taya had better be on her best behavior or he’s not gonna put a ring on it. Not that I think their marriage would last if he could sack up and make an honest woman out of her. I just wish he would stop pretending that he has any intention of settling down. As long as his penis still works and he can still get mileage out of the Bret Michaels cache, there will be Rock of Love.

God help us.


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