Turning Frowns Upsidedown

My birthday was awesome. As sad as I was in the days leading up to it about getting older, my friends and loved ones made sure that I couldn't POSSIBLY be sad on the day. B. and I woke up and went to yoga, which we haven't been to in about 4 months. So naturally, it was very difficult for us, but it felt really good too. My back has been bothering me a lot lately (another reason I felt old this birthday), and yoga really did help. My back is sore today but in a good, worked-out-muscles kind of way. Not in a bad, you-sit-on-your-ass-all-day-in-a-cheap-office-chair way.

After we showered, we got dressed up for the evening and went to the Pitch and Putt in Greenlake. We were semi-formal because we had dinner reservations at Canlis. It was pretty fun to be dressed to the nines for nine holes of golf. There was a bit of a backlog on the green so we teamed up with two guys who were behind us, since we were going to keep having to wait with them to play each hole anyway. They were old buddies from Spokane who were playing for a dollar a stroke. They kept apologizing for swearing in front of a “lady”.

Of course, I didn't win the gold, but I did pretty well, averaging 5 strokes per hole. I think it helps to NOT be drunk, if you can believe it. I know -I- didn't believe it. :)

We said goodbye to our golfing buddies and stopped at home quickly before heading to Canlis. We got there a little bit early and waited in the bar, listening to the pianist play frilly piano covers of rock songs.

Once seated, we were handed what we thought was a menu, but was actually a 20-some page wine list. If you like, you can buy a $3500 bottle of something. We didn't like. We knew that even ordering one of their cheapest wines would still be pretty safe. We got a Sicilian red (Planeta) that was, indeed, outstanding. I drank most of it because B. was driving.

Canlis really gives you the star treatment. It made us country folk a little uncomfortable at times. We don't necessarily need you to comb the crumbs off our table during the meal. I wasn't bothered so much by the little wine spill the waiter made that I would have required him to cover it up with a napkin and re-arrange everything on the table. But he did it anyway. For dessert, you get new napkins and when you go to the bathroom, the waiter picks crumbs off your empty chair. On your way to the bathroom ever employee stops and gestures for you to pass in front of them. When you leave, the valet doesn't need to see a ticket. They just see you coming and run to your car, which they already know the make and location of.

Our waiter was a little strange. He was a low-talker. We just nodded and agreed to everything he said, hoping he wasn't saying something like “I put some of my blood in your rissoto. It's necessary to complete the ritual. Enjoy your last meal.” My rissoto WAS amazing though. And so was the creme brulee.

After dinner, we sped over to the Sunset Bowl Lounge and I was overjoyed and overwhelmed to walk into a bar FULL of my smiling friends greeting me with love and hugs and birthday wishes (and presents!). For all my bitching and moaning in the days leading up to it, I've never been so wrong. I love my friends and I am very very lucky to have them.

My loot included:
-A butterfly knife with holster, a middle finger lighter, and some quarters for DDR from Patrick.
-High School Musical Mystery Date, the board game from Meep.
-Skelanimals from Joey and Ellie.
-Pull tabs from Pull Tabs John. (I won $22!)
-A slide whistle from Arsenio and Andy.
-A candle in a Recess Cup from Andy.
-Jimi Hendrix brand vodka from Carly and Scot.
-Lemoncello and an AWESOME black light painting of a Unicorn from the Brunswicks.
-A serenade of Damn Yankees from Elyse.
-A Jesus tote bag from ???? It was left on my chair and didn't have a note. So whoever that was from, thank you. I love it.

Roxy also somehow convinced me to do a Speedy Gonzales with her and B. which involves dropping a shot of Red Bull and something into a pint of beer and then chugging. I can't believe I drank that. Fast. It definitely kept me going for a long time though. B. and I sang Paula Abdul's “Opposites Attract”. B. sang “Patience” for me. I nailed “Stupid Cupid” by Connie Francis. I dueted on “Don't Bring Me Down” by ELO with Meep. Meep sang some Kelly Clarkson (FINALLY). Everyone, it seemed, had a great time.

When the bar closed, we continued the party at the 4A house. Roxy kept my glass of tequila full at all times. Some dancing happened. A lot of syrupy love talk happened, instigated by alcohol but very very genuine. At 4:30, I noticed it was 4:30 and thought perhaps I should go home. I’m sure B., who was sober and my DD, agreed. What an outstanding birthday! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures. Does anyone else have any?

And the party continues next weekend in Vegas!!!

PS: I have now joined Facebook.


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