Rite Aid Rocks

I just went to Rite Aid to buy some mailing envelopes and lo and behold, I came accross this bustier accent lamp (the item on the left, of course):

It was the last of its kind, came in white and it was on sale for $10, marked down from $15. I carried it around the store for a long while debating whether or not I would ultimately purchase it. I am trying to stop buying things I don't need as my apartment already looks vaguely chaotic. I certainly don't NEED another lamp. I barely have enough outlets for the lamps I currently own. My apartment is lit well enough so I couldn't justify a functionality argument.

And then it hit me. I'm supposed to be collecting items with which to brothell (as opposed to pimp) Brugos' basement. This lamp would be perfect for this purpose. So that's how I justified buying it. The checker, a girl with short black hair who was basically me four years ago, was very jealous and said that had she known they were selling these, she would have snatched it up herself.

And since Brugos still doesn't have a Christmas Tree, perhaps for now, I can put it on a stool and put presents under it.