Have swim by quiff

I'm back in Seattle and Crispin knows I have a ton of monkey work to catch up on so who knows if I will be able to post my Park City recap this week. I do want to say hello to everyone though. So hello! I missed you guys. Park City was so much fun and a lot of good things happened to propel us toward making the feature. These things were more so in regard to emails we received whilst there than to do with things that happened there. However, just BEING there put me (and others, it seems), in a positive frame of mind. We CAN make movies. We ARE talented (or at least in league with other successful people). We just need to remember the first rule of MovieClub: ABP (Always Be Pimping). It may seem annoying to us, but EVERYBODY does it and that's how they get noticed and meet people that can help them on their way. As long as we pimp in a NICE way that is respectful to other people (more rare than you'd think), we shouldn't ruffle any feathers and most folks will (ideally) become just as interested in our work as we are based off of our rampant enthusiasm.

We got some REALLY REALLY good news upon our return from Park City yesterday. I'm not sure I can say what it is yet, but let's just say that investing in our movie just got a lot more attractive.



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