Some of you may know that “The Beaver Trilogy”, something I stummbled upon when I was attempting to watch everything Crispin Glover has ever been in, is a film that is very dear to my heart. I don't know why I never sought to find any more information about it than what was mentioned on director Trent Harris' website. The film is an at once heartbreaking and uplifting experiment in filmmaking, and it leaves me feeling so complete that I guess I never felt much need to persue the subject further. However, today I stumbled upon this article, written shortly after the film premiered at Sundance in 2001, and it gives me even more warm and fuzzy feelings about the film, the director and the subject matter. Some people have thought that the film exploits a confused, mentally unstable young man. I think this article implies what I've always felt; that it is a tribute to someone who dared to be exactly who he wanted to be in an environment that wasn't supportive of such things.

You go, Groovin' Gary!

If you have never seen this movie and the article peaks your interest, let me know. I'd be happy to lend it to you.


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