I fly at forsaken

Like most movies that kick complete and utter ass, The Devil's Rejects is even better the second time. It's very rare that I anticipate a DVD release IMMEDIATELY after seeing a movie.

Some soon to be classic lines in cinema:

“I love famous people. They're so much better than the real thing, ya know?”

“Don't you like clowns?! Don't you think they're fuckin' funny?!”

“The next words outta your mouth better be some fuckin brilliant fucking Mark Twain shit cos they're definitely gonna be printed on your fuckin' tombstone.”

Thank you, Rob Zombie, for making a film so brilliant that it can make you laught, cry and leave the theatre loving all the characters, yet not having any compassion for anyone. And then, when you find you DO have some compassion for the extremely fucked up serial killers with the hilarious lines, you feel a little wrong about it. It's what Todd Solondz has been trying (and failing) to do for years. And you, Mr. Zombie, made it happen. And threw some pretty sweet blood spurting and brain splattering in all the while. Love. This. Movie.

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PS: I'm also all the more convinced that Dave Sheridan should play Lyle in PLOTLD.

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