Sorry, Blog

Most of my day has involved crying and puking. This baby shit is hard, and not in a funny “Mr. Mom” kind of way, but in a very real crying and puking way. She cries, I cry, she pukes, I get puked on, she’s hungry, I feed her and it starts all over again. Apparently this sort of thing is normal around this time but it still sucks. This is the part that people complain about (“I’m so tired!”) but can’t seem to explain what is so sucky about it. It’s this: The baby is unhappy. The baby is your responsibility. You are a terrible parent for not knowing how to fix it. You are hungry but can’t put the crying baby down to eat. You are tired but can’t put the crying baby down to sleep. You know it won’t always be like this but it seems like forever till then. You learn to pee with a crying baby in your lap. You also learn to type with one hand while breastfeeding and consider that a break.

I love the kid, but damn, this shit is hard.

I don’t know when I’ll be able to write. Soon, I hope. I miss commenting on pop culture and discovering new movies to hate. I have to go now. She’s done eating…


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