Weighing in on Tragedy

Here's what I don't get.

ONE guy makes a liquid bomb and tries to bring it on a airplane. They catch him. No one dies. But to this damned day, we can't bring our own bottled water onto a airplane and we have all kind of ridiculous rules about how big our shampoo bottle can be.

How many school shootings have there been? How many kids have accidentally shot their best friends when fucking around with their dad's hand guns? All those disgruntled government workers in the 90s that coined the phrase “Going Postal”? What about Columbine? And now, Columbine revisited in Virginia? We are reactionary as hell about one guy's idea to make a liquid bomb. Yet it's still easy for any depressed nut job to buy a gun and, 90 days later when they're STILL a nut job, buy a shitload of ammo for said gun, no questions asked, and kill people. Do you think maybe we should make it harder for people to buy guns and ammo? No? OK. Just thought I'd ask.


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