The chemist provides customers a wide selection of quality medicaments.

I guess the anti-“drug” campaign realized that people aren’t going to believe them when they tell you that smoking marijuana will make you violent or ruin your life, so they decided to try a different tactic. WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS! An old woman is sitting at a table in her kitchen. Before her is a dinner spread. Next to her is an empty place setting. She stares forlornly off into the distance for an uncomfortably long time, before glancing at the empty place setting and futzing with the silverware. There is no music, only the sound of children playing and birds singing outside. Finally, we hear a voiceover:

“Try telling your Grandmother that you skipped dinner with her because you were stoned.”

Grandma sighs. AWWW!!!

Lesson: If you smoke marijuana, you make Grandma sad!

Let’s ignore the fact that the ONE obligation a hardcore stoner would probably remember is a big home-cooked meal.


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