And organise be capstan perimeter

I just got out of a “streamlining your operations” seminar for my job. I am home early on a Thursday. It was nice to be out of the office, but the whole seminar was pretty effing retarded. We got free food and all the red hots you could eat (and I stole some small glasses from the W hotel because I need sherry glasses) so it was useful in that respect. But in terms of LEARNING anything useful for my job…nada.

I just emailed Faye and realised that my description to her pretty accurately summed up the mind-numbing retardation of my day.

Dude. The Q&A section of the panels today was almost as dumb as the ones in San Diego. “I know you JUST covered this topic JUST NOW and if I had been paying attention, I wouldn't need to waste everyone's time by asking this question but I'm going to do it anyway because I'm a fucking moron”. If I cared at all about my job, I would be very happy that I discovered that our office is actually pretty damned professional and efficient compared to our local competitors.


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