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“SDBSD” got accepted into Dragon*Con, which is another big industry genre convention. This is good news! We probably won’t be able to go on account of the EXTREME expense and lack of vacation days. But hopefully we can at least get Jacob, our fast-talking marketing guru, out there to touch base with people we’ve already met and make some new contacts. I am very pleased about the Dragon*Con situation, despite having just found out that we got snubbed by One Reel. I’ve seen the crap they show at One Reel and we are definitely better on par with, if not better, than most of them. But I guess there wasn’t room for us in the mix after the organizers put all their friend’s movies in the program. Not that I’m bitter. It’s just another way in which it becomes clear that we aren’t in the “Super Special Seattle Indie Film Club”.

On another topic, who wants to go see The Devil’s Rejects this Friday at Pacific place at 8:30?! Get your tickets here.

And remember: They ain’t readin’ no funny books, mama!


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