i just got mine defector daylight anomaly

Monday was Faye’s birthday. We had dinner at Araya which is a vegetarian Thai restaurant in the U-District. Faye and I fell in love with their food when they catered Adam and Eva’s wedding but we’d never gotten around to going to the actual restaurant, so Faye picked it for her birthday dinner. We were a little annoyed at the service. The waitress came by to ask if we wanted drinks or appetizers but she only asked 3 people and then left. When she came back with their drinks, we had to call after her to keep her from running off again. We were going to order booze with dinner and she told us they didn’t have their liquor license yet. I guess they’d just moved from another location. This was terrible news! It’s not like we have to drink with every meal, but on at a birthday party when you’ve been planning to sit back and enjoy a leisurely meal with a drink or two, it’s hard to adjust to the news that there’s no alcohol. Ryan seemed to be seriously considering tearing across the street for a shot and then coming back. We convinced him that we would speed the meal up and then go for a drink after. The waitress asked if we were still waiting for some people and we told her that we were, so she took that as a license to stay away for a long time. Long after the rest of the party showed up. This was in a restaurant that was pretty much empty except for us and two or three other tables so it’s not like we were holding her up. But then the food came and it was just as amazing as we’d remembered. They were also nice enough to bring out Faye’s cake at desert and light all the candles. We’ll definitely go back. Preferably with a smaller party and after they get their liquor license.

Last night was the screening for the 48-hour Film Challenge. It was at the Neptune Theatre and it was pretty exciting to see our work on a screen that big in a proper movie theatre. There were some pretty good shorts screened but I definitely think ours was one of the best. They broke the screenings up into two because of the large number of teams (22). Since the first screening, with our movie in it, didn’t end until almost 10:45, we decided not to stay for the second screening. Maybe we should have, but damnit, we need our rest for the weekend! There is an audience award in addition to the judge awards. We’ll find out the winners in the next week or so, after which, I believe, the movies will be available on line at Storypipe.

Tonight, it’s packing and preparation city for San Diego! Our plane takes off at 9:15 tomorrow night! It will be a weekend chock full of stimuli. Joss Whedon, the whole bloody cast of Serenity, Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon, David Boreanaz, Ray Harryhausen, Amber Benson, and who knows who else! Hopefully, we won’t get too distracted to hype our OWN movie. We’re armed with postcards and buttons so when we’re not geeking out, we will be assaulting unsuspecting nerds with our feminine wiles. We MUST fill the 350 seat theatre! As if all this weren’t pants-pissingly exciting enough, we have been invited to a few industry parties (including a Lion’s Gate affair) by one of the lovely people who gave “SDBSD” a good review. SO. FREAKING. EXCITED. Will stop gushing now. Until I get back, anyway.


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