One and all will understand you have "Arrived"

I found this list of 425 films that have been placed in the National Film Registry's preserved film vault to be pretty interesting. It's clear that, like the public library, they do not discriminate against controversial films or films that certain people might find offensive. I don't know what their criteria for preservation is exactly, but it seems to me that any film that made an impact in American culture is eligible. I am grateful that inasmuch as the Christian Right seems to be getting their grubby paws into everything, they have yet to censor the libraries.

So, how many of these films have you seen? Any that you are appalled to see on the list? Any that you are particularly excited to see? I have seen a pathetic 82 of the films listed. That tells me I need to start reserving a lot of these at the old public library. I am particularly pleased to see the inclusion of Alien, Blade Runner, Enter the Dragon, This Is Spinal Tap, Young Frankenstein (one of TWO Mel Brooks movies!) and, of course, Night of the Living Dead. The only film I saw on there that annoyed me was Beauty and the Beast. I think that film, with it's really lame, uninspired songs, and stupid characters (come on, a CANDLE STICK and a TEA POT?!) signified the beginning of a weak point for Disney that they have yet to recover from. And since they're not hand-drawing anything anymore, I doubt they'll ever reclaim the magic they once had. Why the hell isn't The Fox and the Hound on there instead of Beauty and the Beast? But otherwise, I think they are doing a great service to film and I am excited to see what they will be adding in the future.


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