make your plate invisible


Fan Boy Who?

The Stranger is now the most frequent cause of my fist shaking in the air! (Even though I am still at their mercy.) This is why:

So our little party wasn't good enough for them to publish in their calendar, let alone highlight for their prestigious “Stranger Suggests” section. Why? SO HELP ME GOD I DON'T KNOW…Because two weeks later, when the Rollergirls took our idea and did the EXACT SAME THING, they got a goddamned STRANGER SUGGESTS out of the deal. It was OUR idea first and they didn't like it then. But they fucking LOOOOOOVE it when it's ALL the Rollergirls. I mean, we HAD Rollergirls at our party, for fuck's sake. We had a D.J. We CAME UP with the idea of Zombie Roller Elves.

So what I want to know is WHO'S DICK DO WE HAVE TO FONDLE TO GET SOME FUCKING RESPECT FROM THAT RAG??!! Seriously. I want to know.


Here is the right-up for your reference so you can see how it is EXACTLY THE SAME PARTY as ours was. (If ours wasn't a little better…)

Nightmare Before Christmas Holiday Ball
(NIGHTMARISH BASH & BENEFIT) The Rat City Rollergirls are throwing a creepy, kooky, altogether spooky holiday bash in Belltown tonight, celebrating everything evil and undead about Christmas: There'll be naughty zombie elves, screenings of holiday classics like Silent Night/Bloody Night, DJ EON spinning punk and DJ JewK Boxx providing '80s hits, blood-splattered snow, and plenty of sexy people in festive funeral attire. Can it get any better? Yes, actually. It's a benefit for the homeless kids at Orion House. (Rendezvous, 2322 Second Ave, 441-5823, 8 pm, $6/$10 for couples.)