heat was still unbearable

Am I cruel for finding this “letter” pathetic and hilarious? At least she's a better writer than Britney Speares. Here it is entirely unedited and punctuationally awkward. As it was meant to be!

Ashlee Letter to Fans
10/26/2004 12:47:42 PM – by ashlee simpson

Hey guys!

I'm sure you all have figured out how crazy its been the last few days,but I just wanted to personally write to y'all-my true fans-and thank you for your support and love. I have decided to speak openly and honestly about what happened on snl because I want you guys to know what really happened. My acid refux started acting up and I know my real fans know that music and performing is my true passion and you support me for that….I couldn't control what happened that day. People always say things that are hurtful,and I encourage my fans to do what I do and not read what people are saying on the internet…in a couple of days everyone's attention will be on someone else. As far as me and my band are concerned…we are all a family and love each other very much-they are the best guys in the world and I wouldn't want anyone else to be with me at this time.

Keep up the support…its the love my fans have shown me that makes me want to go back out there and continue to prove all the negative press wrong!

Look out for me to go on tour starting in January…its gonna be awesome!

I love you guys!!


Poor Ashleeeeeee. I hate it when I get acid refuxed. It makes me want to first blame my band for my boneheaded move and then later retract my statements and tell my fans to just “ignore” what they saw in an attempt to get everybody back on my side. Personally, I am a little disturbed by her claim that “People ALWAYS say things that are hurful”. That sounds like you think the glass is entirely empty, and that's not the sunny little “Ash” that I know and love. You know you've messed up when you've made Jessica Simpson look like the savvy and talented one in the family. Ok. I'm done ridiculing now.